About Dr. P. Jagan Babu, M.D.S.,

At the forefront of Smile Dental Clinic is Dr. P. Jagan Babu, M.D.S., a distinguished Facio Maxillary Surgeon & Implantologist. With a rich educational background, including BDS completion in 1998 and subsequent service in Tamil Nadu Medical Services, Dr. Jagan Babu has emerged as a notable figure in the field of dentistry. His dedication to advancing dental care is reflected in his M.D.S. accomplishment in 2007, and his commitment extends to being an Professor in Govt Medical College, Krishnagiri. Dr. Jagan Babu’s expertise encompasses various aspects of dentistry, with special training in rotary endodontics, implant, orthodontics and participation in conferences and courses covering advanced facial surgery, microvascular surgery, and more.

About Dr. T. Anitha, B.D.S.

Complementing our team is Dr. T. Anitha, B.D.S., a skilled Dental Surgeon & Certified Endodontist. Her journey in dentistry began with the completion of B.D.S. in 1999, followed by experiences in various dental centers in Bangalore and Dharmapuri. Dr. Anitha’s dedication led her to a position at ECHS Polyclinic, contributing to the Ex-servicemen Contributory Health Scheme under the Central Government Ministry of Defence. Her specialization in Implant prosthodontics, Root Canal trained specialist and Certified Conscious sedation provider and aesthetic dentistry adds depth to our comprehensive dental care offerings.


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