Jaw Bone Fractures - Fixation

Welcome to the specialized care of “Jaw Bone Fractures – Fixation” at Smile Dental Clinic, where our skilled surgeon Dr. Jagan Babu is committed to restoring the form and function of your jaw after a fracture.

Understanding Jaw Bone Fractures – Fixation

Jaw bone fractures can result from various traumas, accidents, or injuries. Fixation is a crucial step in the treatment process, aiming to align and stabilize the fractured segments for proper healing.

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Benefits of Jaw Bone Fractures - Fixation

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Restoration of Jaw Function

Fixation promotes the alignment and stability necessary for the jaw to regain its function and mobility.

Prevention of Complications

Timely fixation reduces the risk of complications associated with untreated jaw fractures, such as malocclusion or difficulty in speaking and chewing.

Improved Aesthetics

Properly treated jaw fractures contribute to improved facial aesthetics and symmetry.